Laszlo & Tear

is the song-duo LASZLO & TEAR.
Together they have chosen 30 of their favorite songs from the American songbook, translated and interpreted them into Swedish and a very own new show;
“The American Songbook – in Swedish!”

In The American Songbook – in Swedish! Leon Russell’s “The Masquerade” becomes “En Ensamlek för två”, Billie Holidays hit “How Deep is the Ocean” becomes “Hur djupa är haven?”, The Country Dance “How’s the World Treating You? “Säg hur är det med dig?”, Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” becomes”Från Alla Håll” and Pinks superhit “Just Give Me A Reason” becomes “Ge mig bara fingret” in Malena and Magnus’s version.

In Laszlo & Tear’s version of “The American Songbook”, the audience will hear completely fresh interpretations of newer American composers whom they chose to add in this eminent array!

The premiere took place very well on Valentine’s Day on the 13th and 14th of February 2015 in Malmö on the wonderful Victorian Theater.

Orchestra and arrangements under the direction of Mikael Sundin


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